Summertime is when we all want to get out and explore the world around us. School is out, time commitments tend to wind down, and there is an air of freedom around the nation. Yes, some of us still have to work but spring brings out the need to put the travelling shoes on and get going!

(scroll down to find the top 5 picks for traveling through America this summer).

The First Five

#1 Coral Bay St. John in the US Virgin Islands - still a quiet place to visit. Loosely crowded beaches are a miracle in the day of big hotels and mall development. This hidden oasis is still undiscovered and it is time to visit before any major development begins.

A don't miss for sure!

#2 Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota - I was in total awe when I traveled here not too long ago. This park is laced with red, white, gold, and other colors. The park is home to the badlands. The scenery is spectacular and I could not get enough of it. Taking time to thoroughly explore this park is a must for any family. Here you will see bison, lonely dirt roads, and Elkhorn Ranch.

#3 Grand Rapids Michigan. Visit the downtown market which is 138,000 square feet. The food focus here will absolutely astound you! Beyond the market is the Ale Trail with over 40 different craft breweries on the list. This city is a true center of urban renewal and art.

#4 Washington, D.C.

- this place is beyond amazing, it is not just the White House but the grand mall, the Smithsonian museums, and not too far off is a multitude of historical sites. Arlington Cemetery is close and a must see as well. The tomb of the unknown soldier is a site to behold. If you have the time the Smithsonian National Zoological Park is not too far to the north.

#5 Providence, Rhode Island - A quick drive through the town will leave you speechless. This romantic town houses a cobble-stone mecca of incredible foods. A beautiful part of America that should not be missed. Don't forget historic Newport and enjoy the bike paths.

Watch for part 2 of the 10 best places to Travel in America this summer.

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