The Pro Animal Abuse Society is back up on Google Plus Communities. Now running as The NEW Pro Animal Abuse Society #1, they have already booked a spot at #2 and #3 if they are taken down.  Animal lovers who want to do something positive for animals can help to rid Google of this type of unacceptable community.

Putting animals in their place

The group which is moderated and owned by people who refer to themselves as Pastors and Sisters claims to be a site where Christians who are obligated to put animals in their place can share cruel and disgusting animal abuse photos, videos and discussion.  Kicking cats, braining dogs and chortling over maimed animals seem to be their main form of entertainment.

Graphic content that clearly displays their collective Zoosadism is at odds with their perspective that they should not be classified as mentally ill in any way.

Zoosadism a conduct disorder

Zoosadism is described as those people who feel pleasure and are stimulated by the sight of animals being abused. FBI studies show that people who suffer from Zoosadism often meet the profile traits for crimes such as rape, murder, and other social conduct disorders. According to Canadian for Animal Welfare Reform (CFAWR), The American Psychiatric Association believes that cruelty to animals is a major diagnostic “feature of conduct disorder.”

Connect Safely tips

In a paper titled Connect Safely, Larry Magid and Anne Collier suggest that there are ways to remove disgusting and anti-social behaviour communities from the Google Plus network.

Top Videos of the Day

While Google does monitor the communities, it is an unfortunate fact that there are many people out there who behave outside the mainstream of acceptable society. Google is unable to cover all the bases, so it is up to the Google Plus users themselves to assist in identifying and pulling down unacceptable content and community pages.

Roadmaps to acceptable posts

Petitions have some impact, but they take time and sites such as Google are often overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of petitions. There are other means available. Google has a roadmap that defines what users can post. Their aim is to make the Google Plus network a “Positive experience.”  Google Plus actually mentions that “civil behaviour “is part of their policy. Braining puppies, slicing and dicing cats and beating animals to death is not considered the norm in our civil society and so it is up to the user to help bring an end to this type of Google Plus community.

Reporting posts and profiles

The first and most easily achieved way to report a post is to click on the time stamp at the top right of the post.The click-through reveals three little dots.

Click on them to report abuse. It is an unfortunate aspect of the Google designers that they make this a two-step operation on the new Google Plus platform and this should be rectified as soon as possible. Another way to report abuse on the profile is to look to the top left of the page. The three little buttons are once again discreetly located, above the site main profile that tells you how many members are in the group. Click the three buttons to report abuse.

Google Users can take action

There is a comment under the discussion group by a user who states that many people have reported the site as abusive and unacceptable. If this is the case, then add your voice to the numbers of appalled animal lovers and then get a petition going. Every day this type of site stays up, and every time it springs up like a poison mushroom, it is up to worldwide animal lovers to bring them down.