In the last article, we gave you the first 5 in our list of 10 places to visit this summer. Each one of them deserves a vacation all on its own. Here are the next 5 in the list. I have been to each of these places and they are etched in my heart!

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The Final 5 Places

#6 The East Bay, California - Wine Region - Napa is not the only place to find incredible wineries in California. The Livermore Valley is home to over 35 places that invite guests for tastings. Cull Canyon in Castro Valley boasts a truly authentic boutique winery that is not to be missed.

#7 Rosine, Kentucky This is the place for Friday night entertainment with a bluegrass jam that lasts all summer long.

President Monroe's resting place and childhood home are nearby at Jerusalem Ridge. Something to write home about for sure (at least post it to Facebook).

#8 St. Louis, Missouri contains the National Blues Museum and has a rich African-American heritage that is celebrated in the with the opening this spring. I love St. Louis and the new museum is sure to take you on a ride through Blues history. It is truly a wonder when you fly or drive in and see that arch!

#9 Beaufort, South Carolina. Talk about gorgeous! Beaufort is home to restaurants, festivals, and art galleries laced with bike lanes, walking trails and park benches. If you truly want to get away for a quiet time, this is the place to go.

#10 Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico - When I traveled here it was fairly late in the day just before the flight of the bats. We had a chance to sit utterly quietly while dusk arrived and the bats came from the caves for hours on end. What an amazing experience and a real family experience.

BONUS #11 Mammoth Caves, Kentucky.

A Unesco world heritage site that is part of the National Park system. This place can hardly be described is is so amazing! We took hours exploring cavern upon cavern. If you have the time, I would recommend staying in the area for more than one day to see ll the park has to offer.

This list is based on my personal experience traveling to these unique locals.

They should be a part of your Travel list for this summer or in the near future.

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