The island is believed to be haunted

Situated in the lagoon of Venice and Lido, Poveglia island is considered to be a lovely place but also a very frightening one. According to the legend, the island is haunted.

Thousands have died here

More than 16,000 people died on the Poveglia island in the times of Napoleon when the island was used as a quarantine colony for plague victims. Since then, it is believed that the island is haunted.

There was a psychiatric hospital here. The hospital was run by a psychiatrist who tortured and slaughtered patients and then committed suicide by throwing himself off the bell island. After this, the psychiatric hospital was closed and the island remained abandoned for nearly 50 years.

The island was avoided by many people because they were afraid of the human bones from the area.

The first mention of the island in the history books was made in 421, with the first inhabitants of the island being refugees who were running from barbarian invaders led by Atilla the Hun who was ravaging the continent at that time.

After this, there was a quiet period for several centuries. The population started to grow again by the year 1379 . Then, people from Poveglia Island were evacuated very fast after the Genoese fleet attacked Venice. In 1645, the Venetian government built five forts to protect and control the entrance of the lagoon.

In 1776, an examination was opened on the island by a public health office. They started to check all the people who came and went by boat from Venice and all their belongings. In 1793, there were several cases of plague.

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All the infected patients were forcibly disembarked and temporarily detained on the island.

The plague had taken huge proportions in Europe and all the people infected with the disease were marooned on Poveglia. It is estimated that there were a total of about 16,000 people who lived and died here. According to the legend, human remains can be found on almost half of the island. In 1922, the buildings were converted into an asylum for the mentally ill, which was closed in 1968.

Currently, a new project aims to transform this abandoned and spooky location into a university campus. The Association of Young Architects launched a global Awards inviting architects to present their ideas for a great university campus that could be built in the near future.