Violence severely hit Latin American youth. According to a study by UNICEF, Latin America is the region of the world where most teenagers are killed. On average, there are 25,000 killings of young people per year. The three countries with the highest homicide rate in the world are: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Venezuela. The criminals murder to steal money and buy drugs, mainly. Another serious problem in the region is the confrontation between gangs of criminals, they fight for dominance of the drug trade in specific locations.

Hidden in plain sight

'Hidden in plain sight' is a report of youth violence by UNICEF, which included the analysis of 190 countries.

The study found that Latin American countries are hiding information about the killing of children and young people. In addition, the few official data that exist are unreliable. Currently, Latin America suffers from the epidemic of zika virus, which is killing many people. Fortunately, there is much information on how to prevent zika virus. But it says nothing about how to protect themselves from gangs typical of the region.

It is likely that Governments use to the zika virus to hide the numbers of youth violence. The problem has been ongoing and authorities do not admit that they cannot solve it. There are no strategies to prevent violence, there are no plans in terms of how to act when it occurs. Families are unprotected and must care for their own, knowing if they don't do it, no authority will help them.

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People already do not expect anything of their rulers, because they always disappoint.

A daily problem

Latin Americans are resigned to youth violence, which already is a topic of every day conversation. Children learn how to care for themselves and their parents teach them how to deal with other violent children. Youth violence is in Latin America and that will not change in the short term unless the authorities recognize the problem and deal with it. Only time will tell, however, if they have the resolve to see this problem through to resolution.