The existence of Jewish terrorists is an uncomfortable fact the great majority of Jews in Israel wish would just vanish without us having to acknowledge. But acknowledge it we must. Yesterday, 7 suspects, including a soldier and 2 minors, were shown on Mabat, the evening news program on Israel's public television station, being led into court for indictment for several instances of terror acts, including throwing a grenade into the home of a Palestinian Arab family knowing the family was at home sleeping.

Why Jewish Terror?

The rationale for the acts of terror against Palestinian Arabs is twofold.

Firstly, these extreme right-wing Israelis seek to engender fear among the Arab population, supposedly to counteract what they believe is the impression that the country is weak because it is not coming down hard enough on Arab terrorists preying on Jews. And secondly, as revenge against the killings of Jews in stabbings, car rammings, rock-throwing and, lately, the first bus bombing attack since 2011.

Unfortunately, news reports do not apparently keep us appraised of all Jewish acts of terror committed against Muslim residents in what is commonly referred to as The West Bank (the historico-geographic name is Judea and Samaria). These include burning cars, uprooting olive trees, writing graffiti on homes and cars, physical violence, and also, horrifically, the very rare instance of setting a house on fire.

There is still a media black-out regarding the famous Duma case, in which 4 of 5 family members were burned in their sleep; suspects were arrested but charges have not yet been laid. A later instance of house burning in the same town was found to have been set by an Arab who tried to make it look like Jews had done it.

The great bulk of the Jewish population of Israel joins the voice of the Arab resident pictured above in hoping that the 7 perpetrators of the latest act of terror will be punished to the full extent of the law.

There is a Knesset Committee fighting Jewish terrorism, and Knesset Member Itzik Shmueli, chairperson of the committee promises to fight Jewish terror with all means at his disposal.

The West Bank/Judea and Samaria comprises land disputed since the 1967 6-Day War. In hostilities that were supposed to end Jewish sovereignty in all parts of Israel, Israel actually won, recapturing from the aggressors land that Arab countries had occupied since 1948 - Jordan in Judea and Samaria, Egypt in Gaza and Syria in the Golan Heights. Soon after the war, Israel annexed the Golan Heights and it withdrew totally from Gaza in 2005. The West Bank/Judea and Samaria remains disputed territories, awaiting the completion of negotiations that will settle its fate.

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