On Wednesday, 2nd of March, 38-year-old Gyulchekhra Bobokulova appeared at Presnensky District Court in Moscow, after being arrested for beastly killing an innocent four-year-old Russian child and walking around the streets with its head.

Nanny waited to kill child

On February 29, not later than 9:30 a.m. the Uzbek nanny killed a childthat she was taking care of, severed its head and set the apartment on fire. To commit this murder, she waited for the child’s parents and an older sibling – a 15-year-old son to leave their home. Bobokulova’s victim is Nastya, a disabled four-year-old girl.

After the horrifying act, the nanny went on the streets of Moscow and near a metro station, she took out Nastya’s bloodied, severed head and yelled “Allahu Akhbar!

I am your death! I am a terrorist!” When a policeman approached her, she screamed that she will blow herself up and then refused to give him her ID documents.

Victim’s parents, Catherine and Vladimir Meshcheryakov learned about the news after the police informed them that their apartment has been set on fire, and Nastya’s body has been found inside their home.

Is theUzbek woman a terrorist?

On the trial, Bobokulova didn’t speak much of the murder, and instead, she said only few things about herself. She is a mother of three sons. Before coming to Moscow to work as a nanny, she was living with her family in Uzbekistan.

The police said that investigation is not finished, since they’re still searching for possible accomplices, who could be the instigators of this act.The only thing that Bobokulova said to the court, is that “Allah told her to kill the child.”

Was this a terrorist act and is this woman connected to the Islamic State, is not certain yet.

The nanny from Uzbekistanis schizophrenic

According to Uzbek law enforcement agencies, there is a medical evidence that the Uzbek nanny is schizophrenic and that she concealed her healthcondition. The agencies informed their Russian counterparts that while living in Uzbekistan, Bobokulovawas subjected to treatment.

Moscow Court said that she will undergo a psychiatric testing once again.

Friend of Meshcheryakov family said that she seemed as a nice person, and at home, she was wearing secular clothes, not hijab.

Gyulchekhra Bobokulova will stay in custody until April 29.

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