The resources some people use in order to obtain a certain influence in this wild scene called politics are sometimes downright shocking - or in this case hilarious.

Florin Popescu, a county representative in the Romanian Parliament resorted to unusual means to gain to attract voters to his side. Using his influence among some businessmen in Romania, he compelled the owner of a chicken slaughterhouse to give him 60 tons of grilled chicken.

The quantity of meat worth $120,000 was then distributed to citizens to actually buy their vote.

According to The Telegraph, Florin Popescu, the author of this political action of “an immeasurable grandeur” was delivered to justice in 2014.

The person who denounced him was exactly the owner of the business from where the chicken in question was delivered. A few days ago a court in Bucharest sentenced Florin Popescu to two years in prison for bribery.

“The electoral chicken inflation” took place in 2012, during local elections, but a criminal investigation file wasn’t opened until 2014.

Romania is swimming in a wave of systemic corruption

According to The Telegraph quoting the Transparency International statistics, Romania is the third most corrupt country in the European Union, being surpassed only by Bulgaria and Italy in this disgraceful ranking.

There have been great convictions in the fight against corruption: the former Prime Minister of Romania from 2000 to 2004 served a prison sentence of nearly two years, just like other former Government ministers and other influential businessmen.

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The fight against corruption in the Romanian political sphere is all the more difficult as the Members of the Parliament are granted immunity. This immunity can only be lifted only after a majority pro vote in the Parliament. The unfortunate tendency is that the members of Romania’s representative institution protect one other against these actions, thus being an obstacle to the due course of justice.

The “politicizing of the chicken” event, from a humorous point of view, offers an answer to the famous question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

An appropriate answer would be: to avoid being used as electoral bribe.