I have been in a lot of discussions about the origins of life and our planet.

Most often I am on the receiving end. The 'other side' won't pause long enough to listen. I am reminded of the dog that barks the loudest in a confrontation is the one that is most afraid.

Why are People Afraid?

Why are people afraid to admit that the earth was created not long ago?

Colonel Jeffrey Williams is a NASA scientist. He left for Space ... again ... last week.

"Honey? Where are you going?"

"Dear, I won't be far away. Just a couple of hundred miles away."

"Which way?"


"Home for dinner?"

"Yup. Dinner 6 months from now."

Colonel Williams is one of 536 people who have gone to space.

Less than one in five countries have sent someone into orbit (36). The number of countries escapes me. Depending on who you ask there are between 189 - 196 ... I think.

Colonel Williams is also a baby boomer, 58. He's not only been around the world a LOT of times, he's been around the block a few times, also.

The International Space Station orbits the earth some 19 times each day. Colonel Williams has been in orbit for 362, 363, 364 ... and counting days. When he returns home after this 3rd 6-month stint, he'll be the most space traveled man ever. Nineteen x 365 days = 6,935 laps around the earth and counting.

Evidence for a Global Flood

When asked if there is any evidence from the ISS of a global flood.

"Absolutely ..." He has documented what he has seen from space with 200,000, count 'em, pictures.

More math - he takes a picture about every 3 minutes.

I visited the space lab in Moscow back in the 1980s. I am pretty sure they didn't even have movie cameras that worked that fast. Just kidding. Russia's space program hardly has to take a back seat to anyone.

My Russian friend at the time commented, "Yeah, we can send people to space. But we can't feed out people." Things have changed since the Soviet Union disappeared.

How is Space Travel Possible?

Colonel Williams says space Travel is possible because of the order in God's design that 'we do what we can do.'

From a precise launch time plus 9 minutes they can get up to 17,500 miles per hour.

It's easy to go that fast falling off a chair maybe. But they were going up. Within hours, they are able to rendezvous with another orbiting space craft at with a .1 meters/sec difference. Without order in creation, can't be done.

Unless, of course, you are really lucky. And really fast. And can jump really high. And can stop really quickly. And, and ....

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