The end of the world is a quite controversial problem for researchers in astronomy. However, scientists are convinced that the universe will disappear someday in the distant future. Ultimately, if the world does end, it may not be a question of if, but when.

When will the universe disappear?

Scientists state that the universe will disappear only after more than 2 billion years. So far, there are two hypotheses about the end of the universe that have circulated in scientific circles.

In the first theory it is speculated that the universe will expand so much that all the planets will disintegrate. Right after this first theory was launched, other scientists have demonstrated another theory.

The second theory says  that the universe will increase its size until everything in the universe will be destroyed under its own weight. After "dark matter" was discovered, a third theory about the end of the universe was launched (according to the website

Great rupture of the Universe: the new theory about the end of the world

Robert Caldwell, a researcher at the Dartmouth College in Hanover said that until now they believed that the universe would be destroyed under its own weight, or that it would extend to infinity and cause the disintegration of the planets that compose it. He added that a great rupture of the universe is also plausible.

According to the new theory, the universe is expanding at an increasing speed and the acceleration is produced by the action of dark matter. Thus, if the entire amount of dark matter in the universe increases steadily, then its expansion will be so rapid than its entire composition will be destroyed. Until now, it was believed that the end of the world would take place in about 22 billion years, but this new information puts forth a timetable that may be shorter than the original projection.

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The US astronomers say they believe that the time limit cannot be less than 1 or 2 times the total age of the universe and therefore they state that the end of the universe will take place roughly 2.8 billion years from now.