The mystery of the "Wow" signal has now been elucidated, according to the websites and A radio telescope detected this signal in 1977 for only 72 seconds - then the signal stopped. Many people have wondered where this mysterious signal comes from. It is possible that it was transmitted by aliens?

What is the "Wow" signal?

On August 15th  1977 Jerry Ehman, an American astronomer, made an unprecedented discovery - he picked up an extremely powerful radio signal. Some people believed that this was issued by extraterrestrial beings. The astronomer was convinced he had found something unusual and he called this the  "Wow signal".

Was the signal emitted by aliens or not?

American astronomer Antonio Paris believes that the discovery made by Ehman is not a message of extraterrestrial origin, but rather a signal that could indicate the existence of comets. The most likely candidates are called 266P / Christensen and P / 2008 Y2 (Gibbs). These are two comets detected by the radio telescope Big Ear - which belongs to Ohio State University.

In 1977 the 175-foot Big Ear telescope recorded a very strong signal, which led Jerry Ehman to conclude that he had discovered something extraordinary.

The Universe is constantly crossed by radio signals. However, only the strongest of these waves can be detected by the telescopes on Earth.

The signal called "Wow" was picked up by the telescope for only 72 seconds, and then went silent.

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The astronomers have proposed two values ​​to match the signal frequency: 1,420.356 MHz and 1,420.4556 MHz. Finally, they found that the most accurate value would be 1,420 MHz, which has a corresponding wavelength of 21 cm - and this is characteristic of the hydrogen band.

Antonio Paris says that those who try to prove the existence of aliens are convinced that these radio waves are clear evidence of what they are looking for. They believe they have found evidence of alien life because the waves were observed on the frequency band of hydrogen (the most common chemical element in the Universe).

Scientists have proposed various explanations for the "Wow" signal. However, Antonio Paris'  opinion remains unchanged. He believes it was produced by the hydrogen clouds that were identified on the path of the comets 266P / Christensen and P / 2008 Y2 (Gibbs).

For this reason, Paris proposes that the signal emitted by these two comets should be analyzed when they will travel the same route. This will happen only on January 7th, 2018.

No other signal similar to the "Wow" signal has been identified so far.