The German government stated that only about 13percentof the 1.1 million asylum applicants who entered Germany last year registered --as directed-- at the receiving centers. Some of the refugees could have returned to their homes, gone to other countries, or cohabited incognito with the Germans.

The foreigners were mainly blamed for the wave of robberies which occurred on New Year's Day and for the assault on the women in the city of Cologne, which led to turmoil. Over 1,000 offenders, including more than 400sexual offenders, were imprisoned. Two men whowere suspectedaccomplices to the offenses received a sentence that was suspended last week.

What are some of the measures taken?

A spokesman for the authorities stated that measures targeting the refugees seeking asylum had been taken on Thursday, with the purpose of registering their identities when crossing the border as well as with the goal of registering their personal information in a database.

The German government had also participated in the efforts to facilitate the deportation of foreign offenders. Now even a suspended sentence will be enough to justify the deportationof a person found guilty of certain offenses such as personal injury, sexual assault, or multiple robberies.

What are the concerns?

Many refugees are now hidden or have simply left the country, however Germany took measures to find them, so that they can be verified and addressed appropriately according to their actions.

A part of the German population is now rather afraid that some of the hidden refugees in their country might even be terrorists or just run of the mill criminals.

Islamic extremists and organized criminals are suspected of having posed asrefugees, which allowed them greater ease when entering the nation.

They are believed to use fake passports to enter the country, as the murderers in Paris did.

In spite of the fears regarding the refugees, let us remember that like every human being, refugees have the right to decent and appropriate treatment.

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