Virus discovery and origin

This virus which is named the ”Zika” is spreading in Brazil, Colombia, South, and Central America. It was discovered in Africa in the year 1946. Later it spread to Latin America, being transmitted by the bite of a mosquito. It is questionable, the fact that the mosquito AEDES is capable to transmit the virus from one man to another. In 21 states from America have been found signs of the ZIKA virus but also in some areas of Europe. The World Health Organization recommends that pregnant women should avoid these critical areas.

European Control Center and Disease Preventionwrites in the latest report that outbreaks of infection with Zika virus in Europe hasn’t been reported.

What actually is theZika virus and how has it manifested? In 70-90% of cases, this virus passes undetected and has similar symptoms as the common cold. People who get this virus have a state of fever, fatigue, and other unpleasant moods. In many cases, these manifestations may lead to conjunctivitis, rash, or another pains of muscles and joints, which can last between two and seven days.

Impact on Central and South America

In other countries such as Brazil and Central America it was recorded with an autoimmune disorder called “Guillain-Barre syndrome,"the disease which manifests itself through a loss and even paralysis of the limbs. In all these countries it has been observed, including anomalous dimensions of the skull, as well as other abnormalities of brain development of the newborn of the women carrying the virus.

Currently there are not treatments. The Government of Columbia and the Executive from Salvador advised couples to avoid pregnancy for two years due to the epidemic. There have beensevere complications and birth defects as a result of acquiring the Zika virus.In the year 2015 Brazil was the country most affected by the virus Zikawith an alarming 265 cases and 3000 other suspected cases.

Authorities in Brazil have plans to eliminate the mosquitoes, which will take place on February 13th.

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