Psychic Reading scam

An unidentified woman whose been for years on the authorities’ radar named “Maria Duval” is behind one of the biggest fraud activities in history, the woman having allegedly embezzled hundreds of dollars from vulnerable people whom she had promised miracle healings and accurate predictions of the future.

It’s one of the largest scamsin the long run – hundreds of dollars pinched over the last two decades in small amounts from the most vulnerable of people: ill people, elderly, impoverished persons – who all believed they had found their savior in the mysterious woman who went under the name of Maria Duval.

Her fraud is at least 60 times bigger than Bernard Madoff’s, the American broker. Millions of people from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia were deeply affected and investigators thus believe there is no other scam in history that really affected as many people as Maria’s.

Fraud letters from 20 years ago have been monitored by security services from all around the world, mainly from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. And still the scam goes on and on, everything revolving around one French woman, the self-proclaimed psychic.Using letters, interviews, and recorded videos uploaded to the Internet, the scam implies convincing the victims that she has the ability to predict future incidents such as devastatingexplosions on Earth or people living in extraterrestrial environments.

The Prophet” stated that she can predict the election results and also the lottery lucky numbers, by this helping police in their investigations, or even assisting in finding Brigitte Bardot’s (famous French actress) lost dog.

Millions of people convinced by “personalized” correspondence

Duval claims she can help them win the lottery, heal their incurable illnesses, or save them from huge catastrophes which the victims could not otherwise prevent on their own.

So that they could benefit from her self-proclaimed supernatural powers, all people have to do is charge a small amount of money – usually 40 dollars – thus obtaining the “consultancy services” she offered, which also involve certain “special talismans” she would send.

Even if many recipients usually refuse her letters from the very beginning, the enormous efficiency of the fraud scheme is maintained by the people with financial or emotional vulnerabilities.

Most of the victims are senior citizens, many of them diagnosed with Alzheimer or insanity. Others are just lonely or depressed, which makes them grateful that someone could care for them.

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