Do advanced extraterrestrial civilizations exist?

Advanced extraterestrials populations might have appeared about 100 billion years ago according to

The specialists from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics say that extraterrestrial civilizations may be housed in complex groups of stars. These living environments are known as globular clusters. Scientists thought until recently that these cosmic formations were not favorable for life, but new studies are trying to prove otherwise.

Globular clusters

Globular clusters are complex groups of stars. They are located about 100 million light years from Earth and they have an age of about 10 billion years.

Specifically, they date from the first phase of the existence of the Milky Way. US scientists assume that advanced civilizations would have developed on the globular clusters' territory. They came to this conclusion because of their age.

However, these clusters have a very high density, which could be an obstacle for their population. The closer a celestial body is to another one, the effects of its gravity will cause the rejection of the other from its orbit. For example, the nearest star from the Sun is at a distance of 4 light years. The globular clusters are 20 times closer to one another.

The age of these groups of stars could be an advantage for them to have been populated in the past, according to the researchers.

They consider that advanced civilizationsmay have lived here in the past.Researchers believe that after the disintegration of such old stars like those they studied, new stars were able to form. The impact left amounts of water on their surface. Over time, these stars searched for planets to orbit around, in order to keep the areas with water from their surface intact.Therefore, the researchers concluded that this water would have resulted in the emergence of some life forms and that these life forms have reached a very advanced level of civilization.

American astronomers are look for planets around which these stars could orbit. Experts believe that life on the surface of globular clusters appeared long before life on Earth. The first forms of life on our planet are thought to have appeared 3.5 billion years ago. Due to the fact that stars have a more advanced age than Earth, scientists believe thatextraterrestrial life appeared long before Earth.

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