The conflict within Syria is worsening every day, and has been for the last 5 years. The war in Syria has only become a reality for many since the Paris terror attacks and the prolific activities of ISIS, who shelter themselves within the borders of Syria.

Anger prior to short-lived Syrian peace talks

Representatives of the opposition were already frustrated and irate that the talks were to go ahead whilst their fighters were still under attack and sustaining offensives from the Syrian Government's forces. In essence, it made the High Negotiations Committee, the group representing the opposition, feel that there was no negotiating to be done.

Accusations were also made from the Syrian representatives that the opposition was being pressured to withdraw from talks, and the suspension by the UN of peace talks avoided this situation.

Syrian government cuts off Rebel supply route

As the peace talks were drawn to a close, Syrian television publicized a small victory in their fight against the rebels. It was said that government forces had made progress in the northwest of Aleppo, which is currently a rebel stronghold.

Peace talks bring hope for Syria

Despite the talks only lasting for 2 days, and the admission that a lack of progress had been made, it is believed that the process had not failed. The fact that both sides had attended and stayed for the duration of the talks despite the anger and frustration, shows real hope for the peace process within Syria.

Talks will resume

With over 11 million refugeesalready displaced by the conflict it is vital that some progress be made in the peace process. Talks have been arranged to resume toward the end of February. The opposition has said the air strikes on their forces must cease before talks can commence and move forward.

Civilians have been under siege in their own homes for too long, and with all parties at a stalemate prior to the peace talks, it seems there is a long way to go before a peaceful solution can be brought to the table.

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