Would it be interesting to take off in your own car? This way you can get to your destination faster when the streets are too crowded.  Sounds like a #Science fiction movie script, but it might come true much sooner than expected

American company Terafugia preparing to launch flying car

What could only be seen in science fiction is soon to become a reality. The American company Terafugia announced the production of a flying car ever since 2013. Two years after this announcement, the representatives of the company presented a draft of an improved prototype flying machine. This prototype was called TF-X Terafugia.

The prototype of the flying car that is being tested is able to fly at a maximum altitude of 121 meters, and it can reach a maximum speed of 160 km an hour. The company received permission from the Federal American Administration of Aviation to test this new vehicle.

They received permission to use US airspace to carry out these tests. Throughout the mission the ground crew must communicate with control towers at all times.

According to Aero #News Network these tests are absolutely necessary for building the real flying car. It is mandatory to make the first tests on prototypes because of the way the car is built. This is an unconventional vehicle, not a typical one.

When it will be finally launched, the flying car TF-X of the company Terafugia will have a maximum speed  of 322 km per hour and it will be able to fly at a maximum altitude of 805 km. It will also have rechargeable batteries and will be computerized, so the driver doesn't need to have the skills of a pilot  to be able to fly it.

The car will have four seats. It will not need any special spaces for takeoff or for landing, and it will be small enough to be driven on the streets too like any other ordinary car.

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The company Terafugia plans to finally lunch the flying car on the market in about 8-12 years.

Given that the new vehicle has already received aproval to be to tested,  we can expect the new flying car to enter the market very soon.