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A documentary recently aired by Discovery Channel reported that the crew of the Apollo 10 spacecraft had heardstrange music while flying over the hidden face of the Moon on May 10th, 1969. This mysterious music was heard when the radio communication with Earth was interrupted, according to AFP News Agency and the Spanish newspaper ABC.

The film was broadcasted during the show "Unexplained NASA 's Archives." It shows the strange sounds heard by the astronauts and also their comments.

The three astronauts -- commander Thomas Stafford, John Young (the pilot of the control module) and Eugene Cernan (the pilot of the lunar module) were so surprised by these sounds that they discussed amongst themselves whether it's good or not to tell the control center about this story. They were afraid they would not be taken seriously and that this story would compromise their ability to participate in other missions in Space.

The strange soundslasted about an hour. The recording was sent to the control tower in Houston, where it was archived. The soundtrack with this strange music appeared in 2008, but only recently was it made accessible to the public for the first time.In the recording you can hear how Eugene Cernan asks his colleagues if they can hear that whistle which sounded like outer space music. He says it's truly a strange music.

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This music was heard while the spaceship was near the hidden face of the Moon and they did not have any radio communication with the Earth.

The astronaut Al Worden who was part of the Apollo 15 mission accused NASA of hiding information that he considers of great interest to the public.

In the documentary, a NASA engineer explained that the two devices--the lunar module and the command module -- which were fixed to each other, interfered.

Al Worden questioned this. He said logic says that if they heard something there, there must have really been something.

According to AFP News Agency, John Young conducted another flight to the moon on Apollo 16 after this. The same source reminds that Eugene Cernat was the commander of Apollo 17, the last mission that had gone to the Moon.

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