Aftermath of alleged hydrogen bomb testing

About one month ago North Korea attracted worldwide attention through the testing of the first hydrogen bomb in the north side of the country, in a mountainous area. At that time there were many international experts skeptical about the event, assuming that the alleged nuclear test had been a mere act of manipulation and propaganda. Given that secrecy is highly valued in North Korea, the truthfulness of the nuclear test cannot be confirmed with certainty. In the past days, the Japanese authorities were mobilized because of another North Korean plan.

According to reuters, the Japanese authorities gathered information showing that North Korea plans in the near future to launch a satellite into space by using a ballistic missile with a medium or long range.

Such information, in conjunction with the alleged nuclear test, can only generate panic and fear throughout Southeast Asia. From an economic perspective, Southeast Asia represents an enormous concentration of relatively cheap workforce (China, India, Philippines, and Malaysia) and also of genuine major centers of the global economy such as Shanghai, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan.

If North Korea completes a ballistic test, the entire region will suffer enormously. It's certain that such an event would almost instantaneously reflect on the Asian stock markets by the lowering of the securities of the corporations operating in the area, and subsequently the effect would spread in all the markets and stock markets in the world because of the interconnection among capital markets.

Nowadays. military conflicts are in close correlation with the economic dimension.

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This is why nobody wishes an increase of the political-economic instability in Southeast Asia.

Still, a question remains: is there no one able to prevent North Korea from acting in this manner and defying all international treaties? In this matter, China and to some extent Russia hold the key. China is the main economic partner of North Korea and Russia has ties as far as the ruling political regime is concerned.