Tensions high in Japan

Japanese Defense Ministry Gen Nakatani launched warships in the Sea of Japan and Patriot interceptors on land announcing that any missile that threatens Japan's territory will be immediately destroyed.

After the announcement made by North Korea in which it declared that they are ready to launch a satellite via an intercontinental missile, the Japanese Defense Minister ordered the deployment of Aegis-class destroyers in the Sea of Japan and Patriot missile batteries on land.

Although North Korea insists that the launch of the satellite is strictly for civilian purposes, countries like the US, Japan, and South Korea have a different opinion, arguing that this is actually a step forward made by North Korea in order to create missiles equipped with nuclear warheads capable of striking US territory.

The Defense Minister added that he wants to take all the necessary measures so Japan will not be taken unawares.

North Korea forbidden to conduct nuclear testing

According to the UN Security Council Resolutions, North Korea is forbidden from conducting nuclear tests and from developing ballistic missile technology. However, it seems that this doesn’t matter for Kim Jong-Un who ignores the warnings of neighboring countries.

The Japanese Prime Minister announced that the launch of this so-called satellite for civilian purposes is a serious test and that he will try to work with the US and South Korea in an attempt to determine the authorities at Pyongyang cancel missile launch.

One idea accepted by all important countries is that North Korea is making progress in building a nuclear warhead that could be mounted on an intercontinental missile.

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All countries threaten that in case of launch of the intercontinental missile, North Korea will be severely punished.

Recent history shows us the determination and stubbornness of Kim Jong-Un to not respect the international agreements. it remains to be seen what decision the North Korean leader will make, and what measures will be taken against him if the missile is launched.