Our modern society is in constant change. There are many factors which make those changes occur. There`s no doubt that mankind is living through one of the fastest-changing periods in its entire history. In the past decades we, as a species, have evolved constantly. As the changes transformed us all, the balance of power has seen some adjustments. The world`s power dynamic is quite interesting today. 

Cold War: ideological dichotomy

During The Cold War the issue was pretty simple. There were two power spheres. centered around the Soviet Union and United States of America. At its heart the difference between these spheres was the question of which ideology ( communism or capitalism) is the best way to govern a country, and by extension to maximize the welfare of its citizens.

 Thus,it was much easier to resolve any diplomatic, economic and politics misunderstanding. Although many still think of that period as a dangerous one, it`s not really the case. Why? Common logic shows us that in this case, there were two variables in the equation - USA and USSR. That limited the number of scenarios that could cause a conflict. This sort of syllogism is not true today when there are many more regional centres of military and economic power.

BRICS experiment- the global dispersion of power

In the present, the world lives in a lot more danger - simply because there are many countries whose desires are focused on dominating territories, resources and labor forces other than their own.

In my opinion BRICS represents an interesting experiment. Poor countries are trying to develop in a faster manner. BRICS comprises five countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

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In the last decade those countries had managed an impressive rate of economic growth. The only country that has stepped back is Russia. However, it has vast territories full of resources: natural gas, oil, precious metals, uranium, endless forests in Siberia. Thus, it compensates for poor competitiveness in the economic sphere. 

One more thing: the geographical position of these states is also an anomaly. Traditionally, an alliance is a compact block of states, but in this case the BRICS five are scattered around the world. This creates an unique balance of influence in the history of mankind. But also there are more variables in the global power equation. And this is quite a risk!