From Turkey to Indonesia, even in the metropolises that used to provide a certain amount of calmness, people have come to be subject to a genuine psychological ordeal. The abundance of terrorist attacks resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands being injured has only lead to further destabilization of the entire Asian geopolitical arena. We ought not to forget that these fatal events revolve around China and the crisis on the Beijing market and beyond.


We thus come to wonder: How could this series of fatal events occur over such a short period of time? Moreover, the conflicts between the manifold spheres of influence across Asia are now at a hazardous level. We should bear in mind that North Korea announced last week the successful detonation of a thermonuclear device (the hydrogen bomb). Even though many states have insofar labelled the news as false, its truthfulness remains unknown.


Not to mention that China has stated its disappointment with the actions of the North Korean regime. None other than China, which is striving to overcome this crisis and which is ultimately the main economic partner of North Korea. 

In the other geopolitical sphere, the conflict between Russia and Turkey has reached a level way beyond mere warlike statements, Turkish companies having been banned from the Russian territory since January 1st.

It's rather interesting, considering that before the emergence of this conflict the two states used to act as buffer states in the Caspian Sea and Black Sea area. Also, we cannot forget the severe crisis affecting Russia, mainly after the trade embargo by the European states. 

This has the potential to stand as a genuine powder keg, also considering that the Middle East is at the core of Asian geopolitics: Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the jihadist group Islamic State.

The destructive potential of these variables is undeniable. Give or take a few states (India for example), the Asian states with the most influence on the geopolitical balance appear to be in a perpetual fret. 

Will they manage to overcome it? It remains to be seen if they have the strength to withstand the hardships of political and economic torment.

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