An Ukrainian engineer has invented something that could save people's lives in a plane crash. His invention - a rescue capsule - could revolutionize aviation safety.

Vladimir Tatarenko has devoted much of his life to inventing this capsule. He's worked on it for 50 years. He first came up this idea while working for the company "Antonov" in Kiev (Ukraine). During this period of time, he was often called in as an investigator at plane crashes.

Following the horrific scenes he saw during these investigations he concluded that people have the wrong idea about aviation disasters. He says that about 80% of these accidents are due to human errors.

Tatarenko says it is possible to survive a plane crash. He thinks the effort of engineers around the world to make the airplanes safer are useless because they cannot do anything with the human factor.

The emergency evacuation system invented by Tatarenko is a capsule with seats for passengers and crew. This capsule will be installed inside the fuselage of the plane. If there is any emergency such as the failure of the engines, technical problems caused by adverse weather conditions or a fire on board the capsule can be detached, and will be brought safely to the ground by its built-in parachutes. It will also be fitted with two solid-fuel rocket motors powered by gunpowder to reduce its speed just before impact, and bring the occupants to the ground safely.

Tatarenko has now received a patent for this system of emergency evacuation in case of plane crash.

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He says that people's lives could not be saved yet in two situations: If the plane suffered an internal explosion, or in the case of a missile attack.

For the mass production of this capsule to become reality, standardization and operational tests of the system will be needed. This procedure will take at least four years. The implementation of the system would require massive investment. Tatarenko said the approximate cost of production for these emergency capsules would be about $1 billion.

Unfortunately, up to now the airlines have not shown much interest in this invention. They explained their refusal by saying that the capsule would reduce the number of seats in the airplane and will also increase the fuel consumption rate.