A giant new planet has been discovered in the solar system.

Scientists have found evidence about a new planet that could exist in our solar system, according to The Telegraph,wich   has a size ten times larger than the size of Earth. Researchers from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena (Caltech) have called this planet Planet 9.

This planet might be located beyond the orbit of Neptune. It orbits around the sun for an incredibly long period of time: between 10,000 and 20,000 years.

The researchers detected the giant planet after they found 13 other celestial bodies in the Kuiper Belt - an area close to Pluto - that move together as if they were linked to the gravity of a giant object.

After they performed various computer simulations to see what could have this effect on the celestial bodies, the researchers concluded that this effect is caused by a large planet.

Professor Sir Martin Rees told The Telegraph that the planet will be detected by their telescopes if it exists, so they just have to wait until their instruments do the job.

Mike Brown, the astronomer who discovered this evidence, said that what they found is so big that the conclusion is obvious. The 9 planet's gravity dominates its surroundings in the solar system, unlike the smaller ones. This is one of the key tests to classify a planet.

Brown had earlier make a study that helped the International Astronomical Union establish that Pluto is not the 9th planet in the solar system and to classify Pluto in the category of dwarf planets.

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This classification was made after scientists discovered other celestial bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune. These celestial bodies are similar to Pluto in size and are covered with ice. Brown has stated that all people who were upset when they learned that Pluto was no longer a planet can enjoy from now on because there is another planet that is real and is waiting to be discovered, which seems to dominate a larger region than any known planet.

Brown explained that this earned Planet 9 the reputation of the largest planet in our solar system.