Francisco “Fran” Rivera Ordóñez has been keeping a low profile in the bullfighting scene since suffering a severe goring from a bull on August 19th last year, the day his wife gave birth to his second child, baby Carmen. However, on Sunday he was involved in a training session and that night posted an image of himself clutching his baby girl while practicing cape work with a bull calf.

Rivera Ordóñez posted the image on Instagram Sunday night with the caption “Carmen’s debut” and the hashtag #orgullodesangre – which means proud of blood in English. Rivera Ordóñez went on to say in the description, "This is the fifth generation of bullfighters in our family.


My grandfather used to bullfight with me and my father like this. My father also used to bullfight like this with me, and I have done it with my daughter Cayetana and now Carmen." Reportedly to support the statement, he posted a further image of Cayetana as a toddler, riding on his shoulders during a bullfight.

While many of his fans posted support for the bullfighter and the controversial image, many others criticized Rivera Ordóñez for placing his daughter in such a precarious position. One person commented on the image, stating they are anti-bullfighting, and that Fran, as he is known in bullfighting circles, has taken things too far.


Many more criticized the move, saying he was endangering the life of his infant daughter.

On Twitter, one person commented, “I thought you were more than ready, but to get your daughter to fight? If you dropped your arm that would have happened.” Another person on Twitter said, “The guidelines are now clear. Harassment and demolition to bullfighting. The newspaper photo of Rivera Ordóñez was all I needed to see.”

Rivera Ordóñez is well-known to Spaniards and often appears in the gossip columns.

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He hasn’t officially starred in a bullfight since the goring back in August last year where he suffered a 25cm (10 inch) wound to his abdomen. However, he apparently hasn’t yet learned his lesson, despite the fact that Rivera Ordóñez’s father, the great bullfighter Paquirri, died at the age of only 36 years after being gored in a bullfight in Pozoblanco, Córdoba back in 1984.

You can see the offending image in the video included below:

In other Spanish News, the southern coast suffered the effects of an earthquake Monday night.

The quake was registered at 6.3 on the Richter scale and its epicenter was on the other side of the Mediterranean, close to the Spanish territory of Melilla.

Talking controversial characters, there is also a report on Donald J. Trump and how he reckons his followers would stick with him, even if he shot someone.

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