Over the years, doctors and scientists have said that male and female human brains are different, however, a new study printed in the National Academy of Sciences says that’s not true, that there is no human brain gender factor.

In the past, differences in male and female behavior led scientists to believe there were human brain gender differences, but an analysis of about 1,400 subject’s brains ages 13 to 85, finds this to be untrue. The study was headed by Daphna Joel of the University of Tel-Aviv in Israel.

Human brain gender study looked at whole brain

In the study, the researchers looked for any possible human brain gender differences by studying the entire brain, instead of using previous methods of solely looking at individual sections or things like the brain’s size, how much gray or white matter it has, etc.

According to the study researchers, no one else has studied the human brain in this fashion, and it is a new way of looking at the human brain. During the study, the scientists discovered that most people’s brains had a mix of male and female features while a very small portion were only male or female in their features.

Single gender human brains found to be rare

The study concluded that single gender human brains are very rare and that most people have a mix of features that are common with female or male features. The researchers said that the results were likely to surprise many people and that they were discovering the brain is much more complex than thought of in the past.

The scientists say that the study shows that brain gender is not a binary process.

They hope these conclusions will help get rid of the previous presumptions that the human brain has gender differences.

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The reality is that everyone’s brain is different and has different features that could be all male, all female or more likely a mix of the two, as everyone is different and so has a different kind of brain.

The researchers believe that this information shows that most gender biases are sociological, and are not based on biology. The bottom line is that we can’t continue to say there are human brain gender differences in people’s brains, say the scientists, the evidence shows that instead, the differences are very minor in a person’s brain and are likely due to their environment and experiences and not their gender.