Anastasia Lin, 25, was chosen Miss World Canada in May, and has been prevented from getting on a flight to China in Hong Kong. Miss Lin was headed to Sanya, which is on China’s southern island resort of Harinan, to participate in the finals of a beauty contest going on in China, but was unable to get a visa.

Lin, who was born in China but lives in Toronto, says she feels that she was barred from entering the country due to her speaking out against human rights abuses in China. She was unable to obtain a visa ahead of time so she was trying to fly on to Sanya under aspecial rule that lets Canadian citizens get a visa after they get to Sanya.

Government provides no answer about barring her entry

Lin practices Falun Gong, a religion that she says is suppressed in China. She says being barred from the flight to Sanya on Dragonair is due to the usual tactics, as the government has remained quiet and has not given a statement as to why Miss World Canada was denied a visa and entry into the country. Lin told reporters that it was hard to advocate for her beliefs and that she would have to consider her next move.

In July, Lin testified at a U.S.

Congressional hearing about religious persecution in China. She told the authorities that she was there to speak for the ones in China that were being beaten, electrocuted and burned due to their religious beliefs. This is according to her statement that was entered onto the website of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China.

Officials provide statements concerning Miss World Canada

Lin said that earlier this month Chinese officials harassed her father after she talked about the abuses of human rights in China, a communist country.

Hong Lei, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said they had nothing to say regarding Lin’s case.

A Canadian newspaper article on Wednesday reported that the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa had stated that Miss World Canada was not welcome in China. According to another embassy spokesman, Yundong Yang, China doesn’t let any persona-non-grata into the country.

Pageant officials from Miss World issued an email regarding the incident, saying there was no data on why Miss World Canada was unable to get a visa, but added that she might receive a spot in the Miss World contest in 2016.

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