Mali was under a three-day mourning and had their flags at half-mast as of Monday to pay homage to the 21 people killed during a Mali hotel attack on the Radisson Blu hotel in the Malian capital, Bamako. The Islamic extremist group, Al-Mourabitoun, had said they were the ones responsible for the Mali hotel attack, and have now sent out an audio recording that identifies the two shooters.

The Al-Mourabitoun group said the two shooters were the only attackers in the Mali hotel attack, though witnesses thought there were several more and that up to 10 people could have taken part in the spree. Even so, only two gunmen’s bodies were recovered at the scene of the crime.

The recording from the group names the attackers as being Abdel Hakim Al-Ansari and Moadh Al-Ansari, but their nationalities were not given. However, it is thought they could be Malian.

Different extremist group claims responsibility for Mali hotel attack

However, in a confusing state of affairs, yet another extremist group has also claimed they were the ones that committed the attack on the hotel. The claim was announced in the French media and is reported to be a new group that has recently emerged called the Macina Liberation Front.

They say they are now active in central Mali and are working with another militant group called Ansar Dine and say they did the attack on the hotel in retaliation for Operation Barkhane, a regional French fight against Islamic extremists, said the report from Radio France Internationale.

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Motives for attack on hotel being studied

Since the two claims have caused confusion and there is no clear data to determine which group attacked the hotel, analysts are studying the probable motives for the assault. They have speculated that one possible motive could be a wish to disrupt Mali’s delicate local peace process or that al-Qaida and its affiliates may wish to show their significance along with high-profile attacks by one its rivals, the Islamic State group or ISIS. In fact, Al-Mourabitoun has some links to al-Qaida and the group’s Friday statement described its collaboration with al-Qaida’s “Sahara Emirate.”

Authorities say there are further risks of a similar attack of this kind happening in close-by countries like Chad, Niger and Burkina Fasco, so people there should remain vigilant and on alert. The Mali hotel attack shows that the extremist groups in the area, no matter which actually committed the attack, are capable of carrying out other attacks.