Located in the Romanian city Cluj Napoca , Horia-Baciu forest is one of the most enigmatical places in the world.

This forest is considered to be a gateway between worlds. A series of paranormal events that researchers can't explain turned Baciu forest into one of the most famous places in Romania and worldwide.

Although our ancestors knew about the existence of this mysterious place, Baciu forest became famous worldwide only in 1968.

People say that once you enter the forest, all your subconscious fears suddenly come to life. The mumbling of the trees seems to come from another world. Something strange happens to anyone who dares to enter this forest.

People say that from their first steps into the woods they have inexplicable headaches, vomiting or even skin burns.

Once you enter Baciu forest, you feel like you're watched by thousands of invisible beings from behind every tree. This sensation is common among those who chose to come there. Whether they are tourists, hunters, officials, researchers, children or just curious people, everybody who had the courage to visit Baciu forest has reported similar sensations.

Many tourists who took family photos in the Baciu forest were terribly scared when they developed the pictures and they noticed that they were not alone in the woods. They saw other faces in the pictures, even faces of people who died.

People report seeing different presences in the woods, no matter if it's night or day. Most of these are invisible to the human eye, but they are caught on cameras.

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People who like the supernatural believe that these presences are spirits that live in parallel universes.

People were also shocked by footprints that appeared in front of them without any explanation.

Another strange phenomenon found in Baciu forest are the magnetic anomalies.

People also reported seeing UFO's in Baciu Forest. The most strange fact is that some UFO's are also invisible to human eyes but they are caught on cameras.

Nobody has an explanation about this strange location that is unique in the world.