Nowadays we always see on TV or we hear at radio, small robbery, committed by people who aspire at a new life overnight. However, in modern history a lot of robberies took place, but some of them seem emerged from a Hollywood action movie.

1. From The Central Bank of Iraq (2003): Saddam stole 1 billion dollars

In 18 March 2003, with one day before Americans bombards over Baghdad, one billion dollars was stolen from National Bank of Iraq. This action is considered the greatest robbery in modern history. In this day of March, Saddam ordered withdrawal of 1 billion dollars before American bombers stroke the capital. All money was transported in armored cars to Saddam's palace and to his son's house.

Later, after US troops captured Saddam's palace, they found in walls over 650 million of dollars. 

2. Boston Art Museum (1990): stolen paintings with a value between 300-500 million of dollars.

After Saint Patrick's Day festivities, on 18 March 1990, two men dressed as police officers knocked at museum's door at 1:24 am. Police officers had entered in museum and they attacked the guardians. After that, in next 90 minutes, they robbed some paintings of Rembrandt, Vermeer or Degas. One of the stolen paintings was the only one that represents a marine sight from Holland's Golden Age (The Storm on the Sea of Galilee). This colossal robbery was evaluated at between 300-500 million of dollars. In these days, FBI still searches for thieves, because they did not let any traces behind. Moreover, they destroyed the recordings of museum's surveillance cameras and now all this robbery is a mystery. 

3. "Securitas" safe-deposit box robbery (2006): 92.5 million dollars

The robbery from British safe-deposit box "Securitas" took place in 22 February 2006.

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In one hour, six people kidnapped all members of director's family. Also, they went to safe-deposit box where they seized other ten employees. After this, they stole 92.5 million dollars from the warehouse and they escaped from the place of the robbery with a van. In the end, all thieves were caught by police officers and nobody from director's family or from safe-deposit box employees were wounded.