The Turkish state has witnessed a boom of its strategic importance. From the geopolitical point of view Turkey has become the main actor in the Balkans and the Near East. The European Union is conscious of this political reality. Negotiations which were lately held regarding the refugees gave Turkey and to his President a vote of confidence and popularity.

U.S. pressures stayed years against the interests of Germany and France. Things would have stayed the same if refugees crisis would not have occurred. The inefficiency of European institutions in this matter opened a new door. At Brussels, it has reached a "joint action plan" with the Turkish Government: Ankara accepts to keep refugees away from Europe in exchange for the three billion euros and visas for Turkish citizens.

Judging by this facts we may assume that Erdogan is happier than ever simply because in November will be hold elections for the Turkish Parliament.

Erdogan needs all the leverages to achieve his goal: an absolute majority in the Parliament gives to his party the chance to amend the Constitution and to eliminate the Kurdish minority from the legislative sphere. As a bonus, last Sunday, Angela Merkel made a visit to Erdogan in Istanbul.

In addition, last week's attacks in Ankara, resulting in almost 100 deaths, were attributed by Erdogan to terrorists of Kurdish origin. We observe a multitude of events which converge seamlessly with the aims and aspirations of the Turkish leader.

Thus, from a regional geopolitical actor, Turkey turns into a player at european level. Surely that Turkey will try to obtain any other advantages.

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However, a possible integration of the state over the Bosphorus in the structure of the European Union it is hard to believe for the following reasons:Turkey still has territorial disputes with Cyprus, the Turkish army is the 10th at the global level and would create a serious imbalance of forces within the European structure, the Kurdish minority is still subject to discrimination. A final reason, but equally important is that the Turkish authorities refuse to recognize the Armenian genocide.