It has been a chaotic day today for Turkey's capital Ankara. During a peace rally in the center of the city, which was organised by leftist groups, the event was supposed to be a peaceful march, until it was interrupted by two bombs that left 86 dead bodies and 186 injured participants of this rally. This attack has been one of the deadliest that has happened to Turkey in its modern history.

There have also been videos streaming on the internet, that show the exact moment of when one of the bombs explodes, and there are pictures of hundreds of injured citizens, shocked by this event and very badly hurt. The explosions had been 1-2 seconds apart and after that, blood and screaming had filled the rally and everyone had been trying to save their lives.

This peace rally was originally made as a complaint to the conflicts between the Turkish government and the Kurdish insurgent groups, that have been ongoing since 1984. Turkey has already lost more than 45,000 lives because of these conflicts, and the government has declared 3 days of mourning in honor of today's 86 victims.

The scene was overall horrifying for the demonstrators - they were screaming, crying, many of them were trying to cover dead bodies with banners, others were helping carry the wounded further from the explosions. As for the reason of this massacre, the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu claims that there is a suspicion that two suicide bombers stand behind murdering and injuring the demonstrators which were obviously the main target.

The Prime Minister also states that any terrorist organizations could be guilty for the attack- the potential suspects are ISIL, the Kurdish insurgent groups and the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party. Any of them are capable of this behavior, he says.

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After the moment of the explosion, some of the protestants were shouting "Murderer Erdogan" , accusing the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan for enlarging the conflicts with Kurds for his profit. The president denies it and states that he and his country are against any form of violence and he criticizes this attack as it prevents the country to be at peace.