The 50 tons of U.S.- supplied ammo air-dropped to Syria's moderate resistance by the Pentagon Tuesday morning will wind up in the hands of the Islamic State, guaranteed Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov. The warning was made during a TV interview with NTV, a Russian news channel, quoted by IBTimes. A change of arrangement in the White House toward Syrian Rebels, who are against Bashar Al-Assad's dictator administration, has seen the Pentagon turn from preparing renegade gatherings to equipping them.

Lavrov's cases, while giving off an impression of being a piece of the late volley of publicity propelled in the middle of Moscow and Washington, D.C.

over activities in Syria, have some legitimacy. U.S. weapons supplied to the Iraqi Army to assist it with battling against ISIS wound up in the dread's hands bunch after it overran Iraqi army installations in the nation's north, over the past 12 months, as was reported by Business Insider not long ago. Moreover, weapons supplied to the Afghan military wound up in the hands of the Taliban, as per a NBC news report.

"To be honest, we have no doubts that in any event the greater part of these weapons will fall under the control of terrorists," Lavrov said in the interview, quoted by Tass, a Russian news site. "This is a reason for worry in the United States too, where individuals and the Congress start to make inquiries about past endeavors to bolster 'moderate restriction'."

Since September, Russia has been supplying Assad's military with fortifications so it can recover control over districts lost to ISIS and dissident gatherings.

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To make room for those units, Kremlin planes have been directing shelling strikes for almost two weeks against all restriction to the present government in Damascus, regardless of the fact that those gatherings are U.S.- upheld.

"Nobody has given directions of the 'moderate resistance' to us. They used to tell about the Free Syrian Army, however it is still a spooky association," said Lavrov, who alluded to U.S. disappointments that Russia was focusing on gatherings it bolstered. "Presently they are saying in regards to the Democratic Forces of Syria organization together. We have investigated it to see that it has bunches that already worked together with terrorists."