The Federal Government has made an announcement that Australia is planning on legalizing medical marijuana in order to enable the use for the patients who rely on it. This statement was given this Saturday, October 17, and Health Minister Sussan Lay announced that the parliament will soon be presented with this idea which will most likely be approved. She says that the government is concerned about the patients who suffer from any forms of weakening illnesses, so they are willing to provide any accesses possible that could help them.

Medical cannabis is known to treat chronic and muscle pain, reduce nausea, prevent cancer from spreading and also help with increasing the appetite in patients suffering with AIDS or HIV.

As a medicine, cannabis oil is the product people usually use, rather than smoking and it helps with pain relief by consuming it with a prescription. With that being said, campaigners have already insisted on legalizing this plant, claiming that it is unfair to charge the consumers who rely on easing their pain with the help of the medical marijuana.

Using cannabis in Australia is currently illegal, for both medical and recreational purposes, so anyone found using, growing or selling it will either be fined or imprisoned. However, after lifting this ban, the Health Minister stated that the users of medical cannabis will be provided with a licence and will also be supervised in order to assure that it is used properly, legally and of course, with safety. The Federal Government pointed out that this legalization is only for medical use and it is allowed to be used if it's by a doctor's prescription.

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So far, a large number of researches have proven that cannabis has a variety of benefits, pain relieving properties and it has helped many patients throughout the years. It it currently legal in a number of countries around the world, including 23 states in the U.S., and it is assumed that this plant will also be used for medical therapy to cure a lot more illnesses.