Not only young men are recruited to go to Syria, ISIS is also targeting young girls to join their organization as brides. At least 500 young girls left Europe to join the caliphate and also Australia counted several girls leaving the country for Syria. Some of them recently converted to Islam and were recruited by social media to join the warriors as an ISIS-bride.

ISIS is using a well organized campaign to romanticize it. Especially insecure girls that desperately want to fit in, are targeted because they are easily persuaded. They are offered a view of being part of a nice family with many brothers and sisters. The whole experience is being presented as a luxury holiday.

They use typical girly pictures and movies to show them how good life will be and lure them to Turkey, where they cross the border to Syria.

Sometimes they also kidnap young girls in the conquered territory and the virgins are offered first to the commanders and later to the soldiers, to bear sons for the next generation of warriors. Young girls of barely 9 years are offered to the commanders as reward for brave fighting. When these girls get pregnant, they can’t survive giving birth because their body isn’t fully grown yet. It is estimated that right now, at least 4000 girls are kidnapped and held prisoner.

3 young women managed to escape and return to the UK to bravely tell their story. They are marked for life and embarrassed that they have been so naïve believing all the promises.

They have been gang-raped regularly, abused, humiliated, and burned with cigarettes.

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They were beaten on a daily basis, saw friends and relatives getting killed when they didn’t obey. They were imprisoned like sex slaves and were only allowed to leave the house to go to the market to buy food, chaperoned by a soldier with a Kalashnikov.

According to ISIS-law, men are allowed to keep women as their sex slaves and to beat them. Women have no rights at all and only exist to serve men.

Some girls were so desperate they tried to commit suicide to escape the terror.