Ice Age prehistoric fossils were discovered during the construction of apartments in Carlsbad, California, that are estimated to be between 50,000 and 200,000 years in age. The fossils are of ancient creatures like the wooly mammoth, and prehistoric horses, bison and turtles.

The largest of the ancient prehistoric fossils is that of a huge bison. The find included the bison’s skull and part of its skeleton, and it is one that is the most complete discovered by researchers. This prehistoric bison is much larger than today’s bison. It stood 8 feet tall at the shoulder, weighed 4,400 pounds and had horns 7 feet long from one tip to the other.

The fossil will be put on display eventually.

Discovery Will Help Scientists Understand Ancient Climate, Ecology

The discovery was made by Cornerstone Communities, a development company based in San Diego back in July, and prompted a search of a 60 acre area to see if more fossils could be found at the site. Now, after two months of searching, the paleontologists are sorting them out and some will soon go on display to the public.

One of the paleontologists working on the project is Tom Deméré, who is the curator of paleontology at the San Diego Natural History Museum. He explained how this find is valuable because it helps scientists better understand the climate, geology and ecology of the area in ancient times. The fossils are said to be from the Pleistocene Epoch, otherwise called the Ice Age.

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Some of the bones are from a very large breed of mammoth called a Columbian mammoth that is not as well-known as the wooly mammoth. This animal could weight up to ten tons, according to scientists.

Many Prehistoric Fossils Have Been Found in California

These are far from the first such prehistoric fossils found in the state of California, as many others have been found all over the state in the past. In fact, other fossils found in California were even older and were said to be around 10 million years old. For instance, in southern California many fossils have been found in the tar pits such as vertebrates, mollusks, plants and even insects along with the mammals like bison, etc. and the predators like the dire wolf and sabre toothed tiger that fell prey to the tar when they tried to eat the other animals trapped in it.

In the state of California, it is required to have paleontologists on staff for large construction projects like this one at the Quarry Creek development. If prehistoric fossils are found, the paleontologist makes plaster casts, removes it and then the construction work can go on.