Catholics who want to get their marriage annulled will now find it much simpler, quicker and less expensive, as Pope Francis has announced new rules for cheaper and faster Catholic annulments. The Pope made the declaration as one of his papal rulings, which are also called Motu Proprios.

Faster Catholic Annulments Based on Type of Ruling

The Pope decreed that an annulment in which the case had clear, allowable reasons, would now be fast tracked, which cuts the old two tier process that made the couple wait for a second ruling in their case. Additionally, Pope Francis also announced that except for the cost of the court employees, annulments would now be cost free.

This new ruling was a big shakeup of previous laws for Catholic annulments, and the new, faster Catholic annulments could now be done in as little as 45 days. According to the rules in the Catholic religion, a couple can ask for an annulment, which declares the marriage invalid, for reasons such as a refusal by one spouse to have kids, or even for strange reasons such as the husband is much too connected to their mother.

New Rules for Annulments Give More Power to Local Bishops

The new rules for cheaper and faster Catholic annulments will also mean local bishops will have more control in handling the annulments. This is a positive move for the parishes in which there are no ecclesiastical tribunes.

They also hope it means fewer appeals to a Vatican court.

New Rules Set Down in Two Separate Documents

The new rules came down from the Pope in two documents, one was for the Eastern Rite Catholic churches and the other was needed to modify the previous Latin Rite canon law processes. These new rules are based on the recommendations of a papal task force created by Pope Francis in August 2014 to find a way to make Catholic annulments quicker.

The new rules are set to take effect on December 8, 2015.

To show how important this new ruling is, there were around 50,000 Catholic annulment procedures begun in 2014. However, the new ruling didn’t address any new changes to Catholic divorce proceedings. In the Catholic religion, if a couple gets a divorce in a normal civil court, they are an adulterer if they remarry.

Then, they lose the right to take communion, a rule that has been under debate recently. This could be one of the next things taken up by the Pope after this recent announcement of a ruling that now there would be, easier cheaper and faster Catholic annulments.

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