The president of the organization Senos Ayuda (Breast Support), Bolivia Bocaranda, expressed concern about the shortage of medicines and supplies to meet all cancer diseases in Venezuela where there are 13 thousands of patients whose lives depend on medical treatments.

"There are 13,000 people affected. There are 13,000 families praying every night in order to find what they are looking for a sick relative” said Bocaranda to Venezuelan press.

The situation is critical not only in Caracas (Venezuela’s capital city) but in the whole country.

Patients are not getting the full treatment. “If a patient has some luck he can get his medicines but dangerously delayed," said a doctor who works in JM De Los Ríos Hospital in Caracas.

Bocaranda said that "there is currently a shortage in medicines or all diseases of cancer, not only breast cancer, but lymphoma, transplant, and hemophilia, are patients who are not full drug and they are at risk their health because medicines delivery has worsened. "

Codevida, a coalition of organizations for the right to health and life, has expressed its concerns about life or death situations too.

“Because of medicine current shortage patients fail to complete their treatments or there many of them that even couldn’t start it”, said a Codevida executive.

Bocaranda has worked during 15 years as a volunteer in Senos Ayuda. She told the media that she has never seen such despair in patients who fail to complete treatment because not only medicine but also inputs delaying the application of chemotherapy lack of filters, or even a biopsy can be performed because no needles.

"The shortage of inputs for cancer patients jeopardizes life and it lifts the possibility of a metastasis that can be fatal in the near future," she said at a Caracas radio station.

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Bocaranda urged Venezuela’s Ministry ofHealth and to all government's institutions for a solution to the 13 000 affected patients who are at risk of losing their lives for the late delivery of needed treatments.

"A full treatment is the difference between life and death for these patients. This is an emergency call to the Venezuela's President and his Ministry of Health. They must give a solution to this problem soon because health is in crisis in Venezuela and patients who suffer this kind of lethal sickness can not wait”, Bocaranda said.

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