Carrying their children and pulling along the elderly, migrants in Hungary being held along the Hungarian-Serbian border broke through police lines and ran for freedom today. Frustrated with delays in processing and reportedly poor conditions in holding areas, hundreds of migrants suddenly began to make a run for freedom through sunflower and corn fields with police in close pursuit behind them.

Approximately 300 migrants are believed to have escaped police at the assembly camp near Roszke and are making their way on foot to the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

Hungary-Serbia Starting Point for Many

Undocumented migrants in Hungary-Serbia are being detained and held for proper processing according to officials there. Officials say they are trying to adhere to European Union regulations by documenting all the migrants, but the tremendous number of migrants and lack of supplies is causing delays.

Earlier in the year, the Hungarian government had allotted $73 million for building a fence along the border with Serbia to keep migrants from entering Hungary.

The defense minister of Hungary, Csaba Hende, resigned on Monday, however, after construction problems have failed to keep migrants out of the country. Although money was slated to keep migrants out, the country didn’t allocate any money at Roszke for humanitarian needs for those migrants in Hungary that made it through.

Officials Struggling to Keep Migrants in Hungary Warm and Fed

The holding area at Roszke reportedly has only four toilets to serve hundreds of people.

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Officials and aid workers have struggled to feed the influx of immigrants and to keep them warm during the 40° F nights.

Plans have been to bus the migrants from the assembly location at Roszke to a new registration center set up in a football field, which is just 2 kilometers away. However, a shortage of buses has delayed the movement of people. A shortage of interpreters is also hampering efforts to move people through the registration process.

A majority of the migrants want to make their way to Germany, where the government has vowed to take in 500,000 migrants.

Just over the weekend, nearly 20,000 migrants entered Austria from Hungary.

European Union Arguing About Immigrant Quotas

While migrants continue to flood to the European Union in search of asylum, the countries of the EU are arguing for and against quotas. Those countries willing to take in migrants state that all the countries in the union should take in an equal number and share the burden of helping these people who have made a tremendous journey to escape the wars taking place in their home countries.

The migrants in Hungary are only a small portion of those from war torn countries seeking a better life.

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