Cesare Tavella was an Italian aid worker, project manager for Dutch NGO "ICCO Cooperation" which had localoffices in Bangladesh, whose goal is to promote projects in developing countries and to connect Dutch entrepreneurs with those living in developing countries.

On September 28th, at around 7pm, Tavella was jogging downRoad 90 in in the diplomatic area of ​​Gulshan in Dhaka, when - says the local police -hewasreached three times by gunfire.

According to the police spokesman, the attackers fled on a motorcycle right after opening fire. Tavella died after being taken to hospital.The local investigation so far reportsthat the attack was premeditated: the victim had no money with him and had only recentlyarrived in Bangladesh.

He was there in the frame of a four-year programme to teach local farmers and breedersthe secrets of cultivation and cattle breeding thanks to his education and expertise as an agronomist in Italy.He had done soin Africa and Yemen as well.

The shocking News is the Islamic State (IS) has claimed the killing. This was reported on Twitter by the director of the Site Intelligence Group, Rita Katz, after spotting a message by the IS in Arabic. According to Katz, the IS killed Tavella because he was a "Western". In its message, the IS says that "despicable Tavella" was killed in a special operation carried out byasoldiers patrol of the Caliphate in Bangladesh.

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The full, touching story is that he was there also to pay amortgage on a farmhouse he had bought on the Ravenna hills in Italy withhis family. The hope was to be able to live with the produceof the land he cultivated.But the dream of living this kind of life was soon gone: the mortgage was too high so Tavella rented the farm and started to goaround the world to teach what he knew about farming and breeding in developingcountries.

He laterseparated from his wife.

The killing of Cesare Tavellais reported tobe the first attack performed by the radical Sunni Islamist militant group in Bangladesh. The government of Balngladesh has declaredzero tolerance to any form of militant and extremism.

This episodehappened in an tense terrorism climate affecting the Middle East, shortly after the IS bombing against the police in Saudi Arabiaand the acknowledgement that the IS executedmore than 2,000 people in Iraq's Mosul province in 2014in August.

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