Augustis here! We are halfway through the 2015 calendar, and various health-related events are happening this month. These events aim to raise awareness to various health issues surrounding our society. Activities to raise funds for organizations supporting these causes are very active in the days to come. This article lists worldwide health-related activities that are happening this month. Mark your calendars for the events that suit you or wish to participate in.

MedicAlert Awareness Month:

Medic Alert Foundation is a “24-hour, 7-day” response and support services in emergency situations. This organization has been involved in this type of service for fifty-nine years, completedMarch this year.

The foundation keeps patient’s profile updated with relevant information to allow easy access in emergency situations. Records contain useful information such as emergency contact details, attending physical, medical history and list if medicines being taken by the patient.

If there is any family member enjoying MedicAlert’s “round-the-clock” services, check the events you can participate in. This will help the foundation raise awareness on how they can help you and your family during an emergency.

Psoriasis Awareness Month:

The “National Psoriasis Foundation” celebrates and unites people across the globe suffering from psoriasis or who have loved ones that suffer from this disease. For this year, the group invited famous NFL player Jonathan Scott to talk about his experience while battling this disease.

Join him as he talks about his “psoriasis journey” on Twitter. Log in to Twitter and use the hash tag #PsAM15 to follow the conversation and ask questions.

World Breastfeeding Week:

The “World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action” or WABA celebrates World Breastfeeding Week in the first week of August. The organization aims to support and encourage women to continue their to continue their breastfeeding journey, especially women who are back to work.

The group informs breastfeeding moms about their rights to continue breastfeeding their children. They recognize the health benefits present in the mother’s milk and aim to provide assistance to working moms when faced with issues or difficulty balancing work and breastfeeding.

Check local groups supporting or are affiliated with WABA that have planned activities throughout the first week of August.

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