A man from Serbia named Zoran C. wanted to buy a new CPU for his son's computer, but instead of the computer component, he received a package with very well packed piece of sandpaper. He reported this to the local police, but he suffered a damage of around €170, or $185. "My son visited an online retailer looking for the new processor for his computer, and he found it at one seller from Bosnia. They agreed over the phone that my son should send him his old processor along with €90 on top, and he'll get completely new processor in return. We sent him everything as agreed, and when the package arrived, we found out that it consists only a piece of sandpaper" Zoran told the local newspaper.

After that, his son went to Bosnia and reported the whole case to the local police department, and as a proof, he showed the police pictures of probably the most expensive piece of sandpaper in the world.

Since this happened, Zoran is constantly trying to get in touch with the scammer from Bosnia, but he doesn't answer the phone calls and doesn't respond on Viber.

"We're trying to reach him all the time. Although he's available, he doesn't accept any phone calls, and doesn't rise up. He damaged us for around €170, and we hope that the police will do its job properly, and that we'll be able to prevent him from fooling anyone else. Namely, the same man sells all sorts of stuff on various sites, and among other things, he also rents an apartment, which is probably some kind of scam, as well," says Zoran.

Reportedly, the scammer goes by the online usernames of iLexinho and GeeeeeeeK, and this is not the first time he tricked someone the similar way.

Although this happened in the part of the world where buying on the biggest retail sites like eBay or Amazon isn't widespread, because delivery taxes are expensive, and users are sticking to the local sites, we advice you to double-check your order, especially if you're buying on some 'lower-profile' site, because extra certainty won't hurt.

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