In the village of Ramygala in Lithuania, a yearly tradition of goat beauty pageant came around this year as well and the village has once again crowned its most beautiful goat.

Since the 16th Century, the village of Ramygala has been known as the ''Capital of Goats''. It is thus, no wonder that the village's 645th anniversary has been celebrated this year with a goat beauty pageant. Every year, on June 20th, people gather at the outskirts of Ramygala to choose their most glamorous doe.

A total of seven goats enter the contest, but only one is crowned as the fabulous goat champion. As with traditional beauty contests, the (goat) contestants, in this case, are dressed up in flamboyant outfits before they hit the goat runway.

They are then paraded in front of the judges doing various tricks, and the most glamorous goat is chosen as the village's champion for the year.

This year's winner was Marce (pictured above), whose owner, Saverija Dobrovolskiene, was very proud of her goat's achievement, adding that it was not difficult to prepare for the contest as Marce is already doing much of her tricks at home, such as walking the beam and scaling the barriers. Ms. Dobrovolskiene also invited the skeptics among the public and press to come over and witness Marce's glamour and poise at their home in Ramygala.

Marce was presented with a winner's crown at the ceremony and although not very enthused at the prospect of wearing it, her owner, Ms.

Dobrovolskiene, gladly accepted her goat's crown and even wore it for her.

On questions about the pageant, one of the locals commented: ''There are beauty pageants for girls, so why not for goats''. Judging by the success of this year's Ramygala's beauty pageant and press coverage it has received, the residents hope to continue the tradition into next year when a new goat beauty queen will be crowned.

Although by far not the most bizarre beauty pageant, Ramygala's most glamorous goat competition is certainly unique, and its residents are proud of the tradition, their place as the Capital of Goats and their new-crowned goat queen of glamour. 

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