Dragon Ball Super,” and “Game of Thrones” have a couple of things in common. Besides having a great fan following, the show’s writers are known to kill off the show’s most favorite characters. Even though fans are used to seeing their characters die, that does not necessarily mean it is any easier for them to swallow it. According to a report by Comicbook, in the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” [VIDEO] fans will be taken aback by the Sudden Death of Frost. This definitely comes across as a surprise because he was only introduced to the series recently.

Frost and Omni-Kings confrontation

The report further said that Frost comes into direct confrontation with the Omni-Kings and eventually meets his death.

He manages to offend the Omni-Kings after he is removed from the Tournament of Power. Frost is overtaken by anger and attempts to attack Frieza. When the Omni-Kings realizes this, they simply remove Frost from the Multi-Verse. This isn’t the first time that Omni-Kings have intervened and killed off the main character. They have erased entire universes before. For example, they took out Universe 9. This is the first time that they decided to eliminate a specific character. Frost apparently violates the Tournament’s rules by attacking Freeza and so he will ultimately meet his fate. “No attacks from outside. Do it again, and we’ll erase all of Universe 6,” the Omni-King says.

Cabba's reaction over Frost’s sudden death

As noted by Comicbook, Cabba will be the worst affected by Frost’s sudden death.

He thinks of Frost as being among the strongest warriors of his universe. But there isn’t much that he can do about it. The Comicbook report suggests that Frost won’t remain dead for too long. For years, "Dragon Ball" has also witnessed the revival of interesting characters. Since Frost was present only for a brief time, there is much more left of him than meets the eye. Therefore, fans can assume that he will be making a comeback soon. With the elimination of Frost, both Universe 6 and 7 will have the same number of warriors.

The focus will now be entirely on Goku. The next instalment to “Dragon Ball Super” [VIDEO] is going to debut next month. Saiyan’s ultimate battle with Jiren will be given much-needed attention this time around. None of the information in the report by Comicbook has received any official confirmation yet. No doubt additional details regarding this matter will emerge soon.