"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" in April received the DLC Pack 3. The downloadable content brought in new playable characters, fresh emotes and parallel quests, among others. Today, Bandai Namco rolled out a free update that will make playing the game more exciting while players enjoy some perks as well.

New DLC update

The latest free update for "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" was rolled out for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Since the release of the third downloadable content, fans have been anticipating the free update. Developer Dimps actually released an initial update in April. However, the full content was only rolled out earlier this week.

The DLC Pack 3 gave fans playable characters like SSR Goku Black and Zamasu.


The sad thing is the clothing and moves of these new playable characters is hard to unlock. While some of them can be unlocked through the latest Parallel Quest, a new way was introduced with the release of the free content. With the TP Medal Store, players can earn new moves and clothes. With the free update, Bandai Namco released a schedule of the moves and clothing availability for the convenience of the players.

With the latest TP Medal Shop schedule in "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2," getting these items is now easier. However, it is worth noting that you can only have these items if you have enough TP Medals. With this, players can now avail of Black Kamehameha for their avatars even without playing the Parallel Quests.

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TP Medal Store Schedule

Starting May 11 at 5 PM through May 12 at 4:59 AM, players can get moves such as

  • Aura Slide
  • Divine Lasso
  • Divine Retribution
  • Super Black Kamehameha Rose
  • Sudden Death Beam.

On May 12 from 5 AM until 4:59 PM, players can get clothing of the following:

  • Future Trunks
  • Great Priest
  • Magetta

May 12 from 5 PM up to May 13, 4:59 AM, fans avail of the clothes of these characters:

  • Kogu
  • Bujin
  • Bojack
  • Bido

On May 13 from 5 AM until 4:59 PM, players can avail items such as:

  • Head of Magetta
  • Sword of Future Trunks
  • Ring of the Great Priest
  • Helmet for Angol
  • Bandana for Kogu
  • Turban for Bujin
  • Bandana for Bojack

On May 13 from 5 PM until May 14 4:59 AM players can get the same move sets available during the May 11 5 PM to May 12 4:59 AM schedule.


For players who missed the clothing released on May 12 to May 13, they can still get it on May 14 from 5 AM until 4:59 PM.

Meanwhile, for those who were not able to avail the clothing on May 12-13 schedule, they can still visit the TP Medal Store on May 14 from 5 PM until 5 Am of May 15. Moreover, for players who missed the items available in the store last from 5 Am to 5 PM on May 13 can still avail it on May 15 from 5 AM until 5 PM only.