Just when people think that progress is slowly dominating and technological advancements are the main focus by economists and businesses, think about the popular site YouTube. A YouTuber is a person in real life and may incorporate himself/herself into another persona, or real self. It is amazing how these YouTubers work because they connect to their fans and do various activities and mostly gaming.

A virtual YouTuber from Japan is something new because most YouTubers are real people as mentioned above. Now, this YouTuber is a mystery because his/her identity is not revealed. But it is safe to assume that she is a girl behind it all.

Of course, one interview with VR Ojii-san was clear that she wasn't ready to reveal her real identity. AI Kizuna mentioned that she may be a boy or girl, depending on the viewer's imagination. Her knowledge about popular idols in Japan made it more amazing because she knew each one's names and their forte. The video of the interview can be viewed below:

The program she was made with

Ai Kizuna was made inside a program called "Miku Miku Dance," although, this program is mainly for music video- making for famous Vocaloid songs, especially for the popular Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku. Now, this is used to create and incorporate Ai in her latest videos. A user has to download an MMD model for the video that he/she is making. After that, backgrounds and actions are set accordingly. This includes motions that can be done through a VR feature or camera mode, where the system follows the person's motions through the camera.

Top Videos of the Day

An anime girl just like a human being

Based on the video above, she is clever and intelligent, and not just an innocent and upbeat girl. This is what captures most viewers because she is fun in her videos, upbeat in her tone, and always cheery. She is a reflection of the real person behind her, who voices her. Other than that, people could say she is like an anime video doing a YouTube video in one sitting. Ai Kizuna does not only talk through a video but also tries some applications, draws, and plays games just like when she tried the music making app called "Amper Music":

The future of artificial intelligence and robots are coming

Going back to the thoughts of where humans will be assisted by robots and artificial intelligence, this may be one of those pathways. However, she is still controlled and manipulated by humans after all. Ai Kizuna's channel is up on YouTube and she uploads a few videos a day, a couple of days, or a week. Lastly, Ai has two channels namely "A.I.Games" and "A.I.Channel." Check it out!