At the PlayStation Experience, Sony and other publishers tugged at our nostalgia heart strings by announcing remasters of classic games. "Wipeout," "Hot Shots Golf," "Loco Roco," "Crash Bandicoot," and "PaRappa the Rapper" are all classic titles fondly remembered by PlayStation fans. And like "Grim Fandango," which was given the remastered treatment from Sony and Double Fine, "Full Throttle" is another Tim Schafer LucasArts classic that has yet to see a re-release. Of these remasters, these are the three I checked out:

'PaRappa the Rapper'

"PaRappa the Rapper" was a pioneer of the rhythm game genre.

In fact, it's the first credited music-based, rhythm-based video game. The original title charmed players with its cute paper cutout art direction and light-hearted tone. The gameplay is similar to Simon Says. Above the screen are button prompts which are timed with the rhythm of the song. Players must press the correct buttons at the right time in order provide the lyrics to the 6 rap songs that make up the game. In addition to its initial 1996 release, it was also transported to the PSP in 2006.

The remaster changes the game's aspect ratio and improves the textures and models of the original game while still being loyal to the original game's art direction. In addition, the remaster plays just like the original.

The only qualm I have is that the original game was somewhat light on content. Here's hoping that this remaster brings more than a fresh coat of paint to this charming title.

'Crash Bandicoot'

"Crash Bandicoot" was able to scratch the platformer itch that PlayStation players had. While "Mario 64" revolutionized the genre with its vast worlds and freedom, "Crash" aimed for a more linear level design that tested reflexes and rewarded memorization.

After three main games and a racing spin-off, developer Naughty Dog left the series with Universal Interactive. The series was followed up by some multi-platform entries that were met with a mixed response, and then proceeded to lay dormant for many years.

Vicarious Visions is heading this remastering.

They handled the two well-received handheld "Crash" titles on GameBoy Advance. Their experience with this series shows: this remaster handles just as well as the original title and looks great. I'm sure Crash fans will dig this. The game is slated for a 2017 release.

'Full Throttle'

The first game to be solely headed by Tim Schafer, "Full Throttle" was a graphic adventure game that put players in a futuristic biker world. Players took on the role of Ben, leader of a gang known as "The Polecats." Malcolm Corley, the last motorcycle maker in the country, gets bumped off by his embezzling associate, Adrian Ripburger. The Polecats are then set up to take the fall. Ben sets out on a journey to clear his name, free his gang, and find the lost heir to Corley Motors before it falls into the hands of Ripburger.

I was interested to see how the remaster would handle the pre-rendered material in the game such as the roads and bikes. The original game utilized a variation of the engine from "Star Wars: Rebel Assault" for action sequences where players engaged in motorcycle brawls with other gangs. The remaster uses cel shading techniques that make the bikes blend better with the art direction than the original did. All in all, I was quite pleased with my time with this remaster. I'm looking forward to its 2017 release.

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