Ever since President-Elect Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election on November 8th, many have speculated that "fake news" lead to his victory. As i've mentioned in the past, fake news is definitely circulating the internet, some of which end up on your Facebook feed. However, the "real" news is out there, too, and it is your job to go and find it. This leads to me to the root of this issue: People will not go and supplement their research if what they are reading is something they already want to read.


Mark Zuckerberg was asked about the "fake news" epidemic that is taking over the internet, and how to filter these articles before they go viral.

He said, "The problem is that people don't click on things that don't conform to their worldview. And, he says, 'I don't know what to do about that.' "

The reality is, there is nothing he can do about it. Fake news isn't influencing ideals, but reaffirming them. People do not care if the article is fake or real so as long as it fits their narrative.

How does Facebook fit in?

Facebook is perfect because it allows you to like pages that conform to your values, adding friends who share your world views, while eliminating ones that don't. This creates an "echo chamber" that contributes to the false sense that your candidate is winning an election. People who live in the northeast and west coast definitely thought that Hillary Clinton would win this election, while people in middle America thought it was more than possible that Trump could pull out an upset.

This is a huge problem. It's dividing our country, red and blue, conservatives and liberals, republicans and democrats. At the end of the day, we all want the same things: better jobs, lower taxes, access to opportunity, freedom and respect. Why the separation? Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show, summed it perfectly in his op-ed with the New York Times.

"You’re with us, or you’re against us. This national mentality is fueled by the hysteria of a 24-hour news cycle, by the ideological silos of social media and by the structure of the country’s politics. The two-party system seems to actively encourage division where none needs to exist."


Is the Google Chrome extension which scans through your Facebook friends, and tells you how biased your Facebook feed really is, one way or another.

Created by a team of Princeton students, the app was designed to raise awareness on the types of information that Facebook users are being exposed to. Being a millennial in Northern New Jersey, you could imagine the results that I received when I added the extension.

To download, go to the Chrome Web Store, type in "PolitEcho," and add the extension. From there, follow the instructions and the app will start to calculate the information.

You're welcome, in advance.

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