Described by founders Tech Crunch as a 24-hour hacking endurance test, the 2016 Disrupt London Hackathon brought developers, coders and other digital professionals from around the world together for an event held December 3rd and 4th of 2016. Since 2013, Disrupt conferences have acted as incubators for some truly imaginative products and services. At these events, participants are arranged in teams and given just one day to design, from the ground up, a truly inspired product which utilizes advanced technology.

Emotion Journal: AI guided Real-Time Sentiment Analysis

This year's winning team, led by San Francisco's Andrew Greenstein, CEO of SF AppWorks, developed a concept called The Emotion Journal.

In just 24 hours, Greenstein and his team built a platform which allows people to describe their day to an artificial intelligence platform designed around IBM's Watson interface. Dubbed a smart voice journal, the team's platform was designed to allow its users to track their emotional landscape over a period of time. Their real-time sentiment analysis design records its user's daily reflections and then presents emotional date in the form of a graphical representation which was designed to provide insight into mental health and wellness. Greenstein and his team were awarded the Disrupt London Hackathon's grand prize, taking home a check worth £4,000.

Disrupt London's first runner-up, Sayfe Space, is a platform designed utilizing IBM's Watson natural language processing technology to provide refugees an outlet for sharing their experiences.

Sayfe Space utilizes chat bot technology to conduct an initial intake assessment and then the platform matches refugees with appropriate volunteer mental health professionals who are well suited for providing therapeutic support.

Save the world, hack the planet

Second runner-up, Doshbot is a platform which was designed to help its users save money.

Utilizing financial transaction records, GPS data points and data from social media accounts, the platform offers financial assistance and recommendations which are given using the emotional tone and language style of its users.

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