Why do people put themselves through the chaos?

Shoppers put themselves through the insanity for a variety of reasons. Some do it the get the cheapest deal on particular items for themselves or their families for the Christmas season. Others do it simply for the thrill of seeing how much they can grab while saving the most money. No matter what the intention is, the end result is almost always the same. Shoppers and workers end up getting extremely hurt for the sake of saving a few dollars. The monetary value of an item should never outweigh the worth of a human life, especially so close to Thanksgiving!

How to shop the right way on Black Friday

People who wish to actually enjoy the exciting experience that is Black Friday, can follow these simple guidelines to make this event enjoyable for everyone. First, please refrain from stampeding through the front entrances while punching and kicking everything in sight. Getting a cheap gift isn't worth losing a limb or hurting someone. Second, if someone has an item in their hand, don't snatch it from them, especially if it’s a child. This is not the image we want future generations to remember whenever they think of the Christmas or Thanksgiving season.

Finally, if you’re unable to get that one item you so desperately want, you have another opportunity the following Monday!

This is known as Cyber Monday! It’s a day when Black Friday discounts apply to most online retailers and shops. Simply wake up early and shop online to your heart’s content while avoiding the physicality of the standard Black Friday!

Advice from a Black Friday survivor

Technology and video game enthusiast Jon Kuc had this to say about this controversial time of the year.

“Black Friday shopping is great because you can usually get really good deals for Christmas presents, as well as good deals for yourself. The bad part about is having to get up early and waiting in line, especially out in the cold! But if you're a bargain hunter, that's the price you pay. Be safe and smart!

Stores like Walmart can be a madhouse and people can and will do anything to get what they want!”

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